Weekend Anthems: Mash-Up

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Welcome to another great weekend. Hopefully you have all made it here safe and sound through the work week and are ready to get down and dirty this weekend. Maybe you have a hot date or maybe you have a party to go to. Whatever you do this weekend, remember to hum these songs to anyone that is within earshot. I promise, it will make you look smarter than what you are because they will all think, “Hey, that guy listens to eclectic music!! I bet he’s really smart.” Guaranteed.

I was in kind of a weird mood this, musically speaking. So I decided to do a weird Weekend Anthem featuring my favorite mashups as well as songs from an artist of one genre that makes a song from a wildly different genre. So you’ll see a little more of both after the jump, but first, let’s start it off with an oldie but a goodie. Here’s Aerosmith and Run DMC with Walk This Way.

Aerosmith Run DMC – Walk This Way

Oh yeah, you can’t go wrong with Aerosmith. The next song is one I heard on my way to Atlanta a few weeks ago. It’s a country song, with a twist. Lyrically, a basic country song extolling the great things about living in the south. But he didn’t mention the KKK meetings, the sammich-making women and all the dead dogs on the side of the road those other country artists talk about. Not sure why really. I’ve never seen that many dead dogs.

Colt Ford – Ride Through the Country

Like I said, interesting mix. Usually rap + counry = failure, but I kinda like his version. Up next is a MTV mashup featuring one of my favorite bands from high school. I know you’ve all heard the Collision Course CD but I thought I would share my favorite from that album.

Linkin Park + Jay Z – Dirt Off Your Shoulders/Lyin From You

The next one was a suggestion from my good friend, ProfessorPew. In my search I somehow overlooked this one. Shame on me I guess.

Junkie XL + Elvis Presley – A Little Less Conversation

The last song is a tribute to a mash-up we all wish could have happened. If only the great Freddie Mercury had actually sung this song with Mr. Pavarotti. Alas, we will never know. But we can dream.

Pavarotti + Queen(Brian May) – Too Much Love Will Kill You

That’s it for this week guys. Enjoy the weekend, I’ll see you all on monday. I’m out.

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