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Weeaboo Weekday: Tardiness, Giant Robots, and 30 Years of Emo Pilots

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Since today is Thursday, I figured I’d have to change the title of our not-so-punctual Weeaboo Wednesday. Just roll with it kiddies, there is something awesome contained within.

What’s cooler than watching a show about giant robots? Seeing a real (I use the term “real” loosely) giant robot. For those who aren’t Gundam-obsessed, like myself, 2009 is the 30th anniversary of the first airing of Mobile Suit Gundam. In honor of the series that catapulted the real robot genre into popularity, a 59-foot tall model of Gundam RX-78-2, the titular robot from Mobile Suit Gundam. This giant statue will fire mist out of 14 spots on it’s body, and be lit up by over 50 spotlights. Honestly, is this not the most awesome thing you’ve ever seen a digital mock-up of?

The following pictures are of a smaller model created for this announcement. The detail is very impressive, and I can’t wait to see how the full size RX-78-2 will look. I have to be honest, I really would travel to Japan just to see this marvel. However, the time window for such a trip would be quite short, as the giant model will only be displayed for two months.

Now, I would be remiss if all I did was give you readers a few pictures and say “Hey, ain’t that cool?”. So more importantly, why is this epic statue and the whole 30 years of Gundam such a big deal? As I stated earlier, 0079 (Gundam fan’s nickname for Mobile Suit Gundam) didn’t start the real robot genre of mecha, was an important start. 0079 was unique in that it mixed elements of mecha and space opera, and it wove an interesting, character driven tale. This formula was followed in subsequent Gundam series, and they’ve been big hits ever since. It is no secret that I am a huge Gundam fan, and out of all the series I’ve seen, 0079 is by far my favorite. It may have shoddy animation and dialogue by today’s standards, but 0079 is still an engaging story that I never get tired of.

On a side note, Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 (known as Gundam Musou 2 in Japan) comes out in two weeks. Expect an incredibly biased review/impressions/fapfest from yours truly.

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