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Weeaboo Wednesday: Gundam 00 Season 2 Impressions

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One of the best series to come out of last year’s anime season was Mobile Suit Gundam 00. The fast paced action mixed with intense storytelling set it apart as a must watch series. Another things that set Gundam 00 apart was the top notch high definition animation, which was a first for the Gundam series. Gundam 00 was such a big hit that it is currently in its second season. How does season two stack up? Hit the jump to find out. Be forewarned, there will be spoilers for season one, but not for season two.

Season two of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 starts off after a hectic finale. Celestial Being is targeted by a union of the three major nations of the world, Lockon Stratos is dead, Hallelujah Aptism is captured, and the fate of Setsuna F. Seiei is unknown. Celestial Being’s flagship, Ptolemaios, has been destroyed, and the supercomputer Veda has been taken over by Ribbons Almark.

The new season picks up 4 years after the final battle. A large portion of the former major nations have bonded together to create one nation, known as the Earth Sphere Federation. Within the ESF exists a mobile suit group called “A-Laws”, who does the dirty work for the ESF. The A-Laws oppress and attack nations that are not part of the ESF under the name of unity. Celestial Being, which is ideologically opposed to such things, has been rebuilt, and possess new weapons to take on the A-Laws.

So far, I think the plot of season 2 is really well done. There is definitely a similarity between the fight against war in season one, and the fight against militaristic oppression in season two. One thing I love about Gundam 00 is the moral ambiguity. Celestial Being may be the clear cut protagonist, but there is just as much character connection with their enemies. This isn’t a simple battle of good versus evil. Though certain characters such as Ribbons and ESF leadership could be considered evil, you can still sympathize with characters in the A-Laws squadron.

The look and feel of the show is spot on as well. The characters are still as emo as ever, which is pretty much a requirement for any modern Gundam series, but I can overlook that because it makes for great drama, which is something Sunrise excels at. Gundam 00 also does a great job of leaving you with tons of questions about what you’ve seen. There are many small hints at big plot twists and things to come, which makes it fun to scrutinize every scene.

Overall, season two of Gundam 00 is looking like another action packed, drama infused set of 25 episodes. This is definitely a series that you cannot miss, and therefore I give it 4.5 Kamina cakes out of 5.

Unfortunately, I can’t give Gundam 00 5 Kamina cakes because, well… it’s not Gurren Lagann. Yes, I’m that big of a fanboy.

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