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Weeaboo Wednesday: Fall Season Is Upon Us

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After a post-PAX hiatus due to life/work/aliens invading, Weeaboo Wednesday returns with a vengeance… at 11:15pm PST. It’s still technically Wednesday, right?

Ahh fall season… so many shows, so little time to watch them all. Regardless, I’ve done my best to watch everything from the new fall season that looks even remotely interesting, and I’m here to tell you what’s worth watching and what’s worth skipping. This week’s Weeaboo Wednesday will be a quick list, but you can expect the next couple weeks to cover, in depth, my top picks for this season, as well as my thoughts on what was great from the summer season. So go ahead and hit the break to check out my hit and miss list for all the newest shows, and feel free to follow along on the always-wonderful Chartfag’s season chart. (please click the header image for the full chart).

This is delicious anime, you must watch it:

A Certain Scientific Railgun – This entertaining show with incredible voice acting is about an alternate version of Earth where 80% of people have developed psychic abilities. Though the characters are slightly generic, Railgun excels in its well-written (and incredibly dirty at times) humor, engaging dialogue, and its “so good I have to say it twice” voice acting. Seriously, just load up the first episode and listen to Kuroko talk.  Plus it’s by one of my favorite studios, JC Staff. Railgun is an instant winner, for sure.

White Album Final – A sequel to last winter’s fantastic White Album, this show follows Toya, a college student who is dating an up-and-coming idol. I make no qualms that I love romance anime, and White Album is a top-notch entry in the genre, with plenty of drama and romance to go around.

The Sacred Blacksmith – Well written and entertaining, The Sacred Blacksmith is a solid show that doesn’t disappoint. Though the characters are somewhat generic (wide eyed, naive female lead, cold silent male lead, a cute loli, etc), The Sacred Blacksmith still manages to be very engaging and fun to watch. I enjoy shows set in a medieval fantasy setting, and The Sacred Blacksmith will be a show I definitely keep up with.

Kimi ni Todoke – Mixing the perfect blend of humor and romance, Kimi ni Todoke follows Sawako, whose appearance and name remind her classmates of The Ring’s villain, Sadako. The show’s humor is derived from the misunderstandings caused by Sawako’s attempts to make friends, and it comes off very funny. The story begins when a popular boy in her class begins to notice her and helps her develop friendships with everyone else, and as a result their relationship begins to develop. The art style is also uniquely cool, as the show is drawn in a mix of what I can only describe as watercolor and minimalism… it’s hard to explain, but definitely something worth checking out. Sawako as a character is also extremely likable and cute without following the modern trope of big-eyed and super happy girls that is all too prevalent in today’s anime. Between the excellent story, likable characters, and well-written humor, Kimi ni Todoke may end up being my top pick of the season.

Pretty awesome, but not quite perfect:

Armed Librarians: Book of Bantora – I’m not 100 percent sure what this is about, but so far Armed Librarians is entertaining. There’s a group of people with special powers called Librarians, who fight against a church that uses lower class humans as cattle, calling them Meats. The first episode was very terminology-heavy, but it has an interesting premise. The action was also well animated, and there was one awesome scene where the church throws a bunch of Meats in the water and uses them as human depth charges against a Librarian boat… that alone makes me want to keep watching to see if it will be worth it.

Kobato – I must admit, I really enjoyed Kobato. The story follows a girl who follows her mission of healing people’s suffering hearts and filling a magical vial with their suffering, and when she fills it up she will get to make a wish. Though the characters are rather generic, the show manages to make up for it with its overabundant charm. Also, the very funny dialogue between Kobato and her mentor (a foul-mouthed stuffed dog) manages to pull constant laughs. Kobato may be nothing new, but it is very cute and charming, and I’ll continue watching it.

Nogizika Haruka no Himitsu: Purreza – This is another show that is very unoriginal, but what it does it does well. The main character is best friends with a pretty girl that is a closet hardcore otaku. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before, but it’s well written and funny, and comes across very well. One joke in particular stood out during a hot springs scene, where a character trips and blames it on the censorship fog. The humor is aimed straight at otakus, and it ends up being very funny.

Sasameki KotoSasameki Koto is this season’s big yuri romance show. Love triangles seem to be the name of the game here, which is pretty on par for seinen yuri. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen so far, but the plot moves along somewhat slowly. If it picks up, this show will be a definite must-watch for fans of this genre.

Darker Than Black: Gemini of the Falling Star – I was amazed by how quickly Darker Than Black 2 jumped in to the plot. It definitely expects you to have watched the original series, as most of the concepts such as Contractors and The Gates aren’t explained in detail. The show does seem like it will follow the new protaganist pretty closely, though there was a few cameos from original characters, and Hei has been confirmed to be an important character (which is pretty important, in my opinion.) Another high point was the final scene, which ends with an awesome Contractor fight that made the original series so enjoyable. As a fan of the original series I was instantly turned on to Darker Than Black 2, but if you haven’t seen the original Darker than Black than I suggest you watch the original first, and soon as it’s quite good.

I’d call it a toss-up:

Nyan Koi! – I’ll admit that Nyan Koi! is very funny, but that doesn’t make up for how stupid the plot is. I’ll let you read the summary in Chartfag’s chart, but suffice it to say, it’s very dumb. I still found the first two episodes entertaining and funny, and I did like the main characters, but I doubt I’ll be camping Toshokan waiting for subs each week.

Kampfer – This another one of those shows that I’m torn between which category to put it in. On one hand, Kampfer is fun to watch, but that nagging voice in the back of my head keeps noticing things I don’t like about it. Kampfer’s plot is not well explained, and the main character is annoying (but easy on the eyes when he turns into a girl so I guess that makes up for something). The battle sequences were entertaining, and there’s quite a bit of potential for love triangle subplots.

Inuyasha: Final ActInuyasha is a series that needs no introduction, and I’m sure anyone reading this article has watched at least some of the original series. It’s amazing how Final Act is exactly the same as the original anime series was when it ended, with its poor plot progression and overall feeling of being cheap. However, pure nostalgic attachment to this story and characters has kept me watching each week, and in all honesty I’ll probably continue.


Seitokai no Ichizon – A wannabe Lucky Star without anything that made Lucky Star entertaining. Terrible art, terrible jokes, everything is just plain terrible. Stay far, far away.

Shin Kohime Musou
– A poorly written show about girls who protect people from bandits. Bland, generic, and not entertaining at all. Plus the art makes my eyes bleed.

Natsu no Arashi 2 – In the spirit of honesty, I have to admit I didn’t watch this because the original series was complete crap. In fact it was so crappy I figured that there would be no way the sequel could salvage it.

11eyes – Honestly, I had no idea what the hell this show is about. The story jumped around so much I couldn’t make heads or tails of it. Add in generic characters and bland, annoying voice acting, and you’ve got another crappy show.

Fairy TailFairy Tail is, at its core, everything that is wrong with modern generic anime. The art is bland, the music is bland, the characters are bland, the story is near non-existent… it’s like someone wanted to make the most unremarkable, generic anime ever and did a really good job at it.

There are some definite winners and losers this season, and in the end I think I’m gonna end up watching a ton of shows. Look for a review of last season’s shows on next week’s Weeaboo Wednesday, because my opinion matters… yeah. It totally matters.

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