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Weeaboo Wednesday: Detroit Metal City

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I love metal, so when I heard that there was a series called Detroit Metal City (an obvious play on KISS‘s Detroit Rock City) that was about a crazy metal band, I had to see it. I’ve always been a fan of Japanese metal, and a comedy OVA series about the subject sounded right up my alley. Let me tell you, Detroit Metal City does not disappoint.

Detroit Metal City‘s star is Soichi Negishi. Soichi is an incredibly shy, quiet, and reserved musician who loves Swedish pop and dreams of a being a pop musician. However, playing in the park does not pay the rent, so to make ends meet he joins a popular indie metal band called Detroit Metal City, who are referred to as DMC by their fans. Soichi’s onstage persona is Johannes Krauser II, who is referred to in the band’s lore as a demon from hell, a murderer, and a rapist. Soichi abhors Krauser and everything he stands for, but at the same time he likes the recognition he gets while being Krauser, and therefore keeps playing in DMC. Soichi is also an incredibly skilled guitarist, and hearing the fans scream for him is what keeps him in the band, even though he hates becoming Krauser night after night.

As DMC’s fame explodes and the band obtains popularity, Soichi finds himself relying on the persona of Krauser more and more in everyday life. He begins to have trouble distinguishing between his two personalities, and the show’s humor revolves around him either doing something Krauser would do at the inappropriate time, or becoming Krauser on purpose and pulling crazy stunts, which usually gain the band even more fame and infamy.

What makes DMC stand out is it’s ridiculous humor, satire of Japanese metal, and portrayal of Soichi’s internal battle between his contrasting personalities. The insane heights that DMC goes to in order to gain more fans is always funny, and so is Soichi’s constant hatred of these stunts. The music in Detroit Metal City is actually very well done, and the lyrics to the DMC songs are hilariously foul and stupid. One song in particular is the show’s opening, Satsugai, in which Krauser lists off all the horrible things he has done and how all his fans should do the same.

In the end, I completely recommend Detroit Metal City. The show is definitely R-rated for subject matter, but is hilarious and worth seeing if you can get past that. If you’re a fan of Japanese metal, or just metal in general, then I recommend it even more. Many laughs are to be had at the expense of poor Negi, and it just makes the show that much more entertaining.

I leave you with a selection of DMC’s music, including my personal favorite, Fuck, which is exactly what you think it is… trust me, it’s worth a listen. The second song is entitled Demon King, and is also quite good.

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