Weeaboo Review: Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

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With a wife that is a little more discerning of what she watches on television, I don’t get many chances to binge on anime. This last weekend, though, she was out of town…

Got to watch and finish both season 1 and 2 of Brotherhood. The reason for a second iteration of Full Metal Alchemist is that it follows the manga in a much more accurate way than the original series.

The story appeals to me since I believe myself to be a man of science. The idea of being able to break apart the bonds that make matter and transmute it into another form are astounding. It seems like pure witchcraft. But unlike most supernatural ideas, they qualify it by following scientific rules. You can’t create or destroy matter, you can only reorganize it. Early in the beginning you learn of the taboo of the Alchemy world that is human transmutation. It is forbidden to try and bring someone back from the dead even though the human body is made of simple chemical components. After attempting this in their youth, the Elric brothers experienced a rebound that claimed extra materials from their bodies. Edward lost some limbs while his brother lost his entire body and is now a disembodied spirit attached to a coat of armor. The series follows them as they try to find a way to return their bodies to their former state.

The animation is clean and very detailed. It stays serious for the majority of the time, but goes into cartoony looks when the antics start. Just enough to lighten the mood without detracting from the story. I still prefer the animation to stay true to form the entire time such as in Cowboy Bebop. The music is great and I specifically like the intro for season 1 shown below. And the best part is, it’s on Netflix streaming!

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