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Wedbush Morgan, More Like Weedbush

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Coonskin hit on this earlier today about the over 100 million used games being bought/sold every year, but the one thing about the Wedbush Morgan report, from which that tidbit of news came from, that had me going and rolling in the aisle was their whole imagined concept for a “Wii HD” that would end up pwning everything in the market. I can’t help but think that all of the planets of the galaxy would have to align for something like this to be made by Nintendo:

“…Nintendo will wait until the cost of a console with technical specifications similar to the Xbox 360 (1080p output at 60 frames per second) is sufficiently low that it can launch close to the $199.99 price point…be fully backward compatible with the current Wii…have additional features and functionality…Nintendo will redesign the existing Wii controller to include built-in Wii Motion Plus…the Wii Plus (our best guess for the name of the Wii HD) will include a hard drive.”

“If Nintendo can offer such a device by year-end 2010, it will be in a position to seriously damage Sony’s chances of a comeback this cycle. We would expect publishers to support such a move, given that the cost of porting an Xbox 360 game to the new Wii Plus HD format would likely be lower than the cost of building a ground up Wii game (we estimate under $5 million). Should Nintendo be able to convince publishers like EA and Take-Two that the Wii Plus should be supported by the entire EA Sports catalog and by the next installment of Grand Theft Auto, it should be in a position to successfully convince consumers that the Wii Plus is the last console they will ever need to purchase.

And pigs will fly. Not to come across as completely Nintendo biased, but Wedbush Morgan has to be smoking some great kush to think that Nintendo will even bother to make a new Wii when the current SKU is still printing cash by the truckload.

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