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Website Review – Grantland

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Grantland, the recently launched online project by ESPN superstar Bill Simmons, combines what is great about sports and culture in a very intelligent and thought provoking way.

Grantland at it’s heart is a rekindling of great sports writing. It isn’t about box scores or who won the latest game. It is more about the great stories that are behind the sports. Bill Simmons, best known for writing books like “The Book of Basketball” and his sports and culture related podcast “The BS Report”, brings together great writers from both sports and culture. He brought the likes of Chuck Klosterman (of “Fargo Rock City” and “Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs”) to bring a fresh and interesting take on not only great sports stories, but also the cultural relevance of Led Zeppelin or Friday Night Lights. There are a plethora of other writers on the site as well, equally qualified and fascinating to read.

I’ve been reading the site almost daily from the time it launched in early June. Because of the superior quality I’ve read articles about a lot of subjects I didn’t know I would be interested about. For instance, the latest article by Bill Simmons mentions actors and how there are only a few “A-list” actors and that Ryan Reynolds is just “famous by association”. I find this article just as interesting and engaging to read as I do many of his sports related works. And it isn’t just Simmons that gravitate towards. You’ll find other famous authors on the site such as Malcom Gladwell, who has yet to contribute but has expressed interest in doing. You’ll most likely know of his work “Outliers” which talks about how you can become a “Professional” at anything if you put a certain amount of quality practice hours towards.

Overall, I can’t recommend the site enough. Even if you disregard all the “sports” related material and just read the social and cultural articles, it is one website that has the content to back it up. I would pay about ten dollars a month to have access to these articles and it is up on the internet for free. Check out Grantland today.

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