Ryan Thomason

We Need a Graphic Designer

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What? We have a job opening?

Kind of. Watch Play Read is looking for someone with those amazing art skills that Xopher and I don’t posses. My stick figures with box clothing on them would only carry the site so far.

The Details of the job:

  • Pay is negotiable and by negotiable, we mean NEGOTIABLE
  • You’d be working on the Logo and a couple of projects we have in mind for the front page for now
  • If you aren’t passionate about what you do. Don’t Apply. We have a lot of pride in this place, slackers won’t be tolerated.
  • Send an email with an example/s of your work and why you think you’d be a good fit for our company.
  • You must have a good sense of humor because we do.

That is our basic job application form for now, and what you can expect from us at the time being. So if you like to draw, have a passion, and want to work for scraps, but with a huge potential benefit package we want to hear from you. Email us RIGHT HERE

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