Ryan Thomason

We Got Your tickets to the Star Trek Into Darkness Advance Screening!

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Want to catch the new Trek movie before anybody else? We’ve got your hookup.


Currently, this is only for the FIRST Seattle Advance Screening, there will be another set of Advance Screenings at a later date (the week of the movies release) in Seattle, Portland and Salt Lake City for all of you that live in the other areas where we help host the screenings!

Thursday, May 9th @ 7PM
WHERE: Lincoln Square Cinemas – Bellevue
HOW TO GET IN: Go to GOFOBO and enter this RSVP Code, WPR4SH3. Print off your voucher and make sure you’re there EARLY, for the ticket swap at 3PM. The ticket swap is where you redeem your voucher for actual tickets to the screening with someone at the theater. By EARLY, I mean take the day off work and get there in the morning. This theater is being overbooked to ensure capacity.

If you want to avoid all of that and instead meet Simon Pegg, John Cho and Alice Eve; get their autographs and hang out with them in the VIP section of this EXACT SAME SCREENING. Enter our VIP contest were also doing!

Please note: These GOFOBO Vouchers are not tickets into the VIP event, that is a separate thing entirely. You’ll just be disappointed if you show up at the VIP event and try to use your GOFOBO vouchers to get in. It won’t work. A large, muscled bodyguard at the door will ensure it doesn’t work. He may be a Klingon. Beware the brow ridges, human.

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