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We Got Our Hands on Superman’s Hardcover Journal

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Superman Journal

He totally legitimately dropped it near our feet. Maybe he didn’t tuck it into his suit good enough as it fell from the sky and now we’re going through his personal journal. Sadly, it’s not like a 14 year old girls love journal of heartbreak. It’s probably a better thing that this ruled journal contains several pages of notes and sketches created by Superman. We’re guessing if Clark Kent wasn’t a reporter, he might have been doing artwork in the comics section of the Daily Planet. We got a glimpse into Superman’s world and then hit all the blank ruled pages that give us ample opportunity to add our own pieces to this journal and claim it as our own.


For seriousness, the journal is made with sturdy construction paper and sewn binding. It’s excellent quality paper for both pen and pencil, but I loved how nice my penmanship looked with a good pen favorably more. It includes a ribbon placeholder, so if you’re like me who takes A LOT notes for various writing pieces. It’s nice to not have to flip around the 192 pages to find where you were at. It’s a great give for the Superman fan in your life that is looking for a super nerdy journal to write notes with, pen their latest novel, or doodle their artwork in. For $14.82 on Amazon it’s a very affordable gift for that geek in your life.

This journal is available May 19th, 2015

If you’re wondering if the lady in your life is being left out, have no fear! You can get a Wonder Woman Hardcover Ruled Journal as well! Check out the images below for how it looks.



A Superman Hardcover Ruled Journal was provided by Insight Editions for editoral purposes.

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