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We Got 5 Copies of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Reprint: Unearthed Arcana! (what to do, what to do…) [UPDATE]

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Just in case you lost your original or just want to have this special Premium Edition for your collection, we’ve got a copy for you!

Unearthed_Arcana_DnDWe’ll keep this simple, if you want to be one of the FIVE winners of this complete Premium Edition reprint that comes with gilded pages and includes errata published in Dragon Magazine, you have to do Two things.

1) Like us on Facebook or Twitter (See Subscribe buttons here on the right)

2) Tell us your favorite moment playing D&D with your friends (or enemies).

You can leave your story in the comments/reply here (be sure to fill out the “Email” field, or we won’t be able to contact you), or on any of our social media (#dndmemories @watchplayread for twitter entries! We’ll select at least ONE from there, more if they’re good); we just want to hear your stories and memories of playing D&D! The ones we like the most will be selected and we’ll contact you for your mailing address to ship this to you!

CONTEST ENDS: Monday, February 25th @ 5PM EST.

Valid for United States residents only, sorry, World.


LostCrichton, SorcererBlob, Frank, Greenblob51 and @Coustain for Twitter! Congrats you guys! Keep your eyes peeled, we’re working on another awesome contest!

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