Alan Smithee

We Dare is Skipping the USA

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Last week, staff writer Jeff Seale brought us the trailer for Ubisoft’s We Dare, and it got the ridicule it deserved for being such a shitty idea for a game.

Lucky for us YOU ESS OF AYY gamers, we’ll not have to worry about mistakenly picking this game up from the bargain bin at our local GameStores.

Honestly, the trailer which showed couples trying to kickstart an orgy by playing Wii (of all things) was perhaps one of the dumbest ideas for a game I have ever seen in my whole 28 years of gaming…well except for Custer’s Revenge, that one will always be #1, but this has to be a close second.

Well Ubisoft heard the laughter from us immature Yanks and has decided to do the only thing a French game company can do, take their ball and go home. They’ve decided that the game will only see the light of day in Europe. Oh well, it WON’T be missed.

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