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A WatchPlayRead Game: Designed by YOU!

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You may remember near the end of June I announced my game development company, Dirigitive, with the promise of an upcoming game exclusive to WatchPlayRead. Well, I’m proud to announce that this Dirigitive/WatchPlayRead game is…a blank slate

That’s right, dear readers (and staffers). I’m giving you pretty much free reign on what will become the WPR exclusive game. We’ve prided ourselves as a site for and by enthusiasts of media, so I’d like to give back to our supportive community. Starting today, I will be taking:

  • Game concepts
  • Gameplay styles/Genres
  • Artwork
  • Musical pieces
  • Pretty much any idea you can come up with!
  • I will then take these concepts and attempt to make a game around them. My hope with this “experiment” is that the game will become a beautiful disaster of sorts, taking common conventions and turning them on their head.

    And the best part about it? The game will be free…always. I will never see a dime from your ideas, and that’s the way I want it.

    Before I let you all loose on with the ideas, I’m going to put down a few stipulations:

  • No MMOs/Direct multiplayer (meaning two or more people playing at the same time against each other). Since at this point this is a one man project, this rule is for my own sanity. Game leaderboards are a possibility though.
  • Game will be playable through the browser. The game will be built in either Flash or Unity 3D, so that the game can be played without being installed on the host computer. Both Flash and Unity require their own plugins, but that’s it. Mobile versions are a possibility in the future.
  • Game should be pick up and play. I hate lengthy tutorials, and I’m sure you do too. The game will be designed so that it can be picked up and played in short intervals if the player wishes to.
  • If you’re supplying artwork or music, please make sure it’s original content. This game is meant to be an experiment in group design, not a journey through the legal system.
  • I likely will not be able to implement every idea. I reserve the right to pick and choose ideas for the sake of playability and time constraints.
  • You have until July 11th at midnight EST to submit initial ideas. Sorry for the short initial deadline, but I want to start the development and planning progress as quick as I possibly can. If you can’t make this deadline though, don’t fret! I will be making progress posts throughout the development process and comments made in those posts will still be considered (though the earlier in the process, the better!). I’m shooting for the end of August for the release of this game, but depending on suggestions, this could take longer or even shorter.

    So start posting your ideas and lets make a game together!
    [Picture source: Eegra]

    UPDATE: Suggestions can now also be left in the forums HERE

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