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Watch the First Extreme Trailer for the Point Break Remake

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The first trailer for the remake of Point Break dropped this week and honestly I feel like it should come with a Red Bull. To call it extreme might be understating it. The stunts and action look to take center stage in this movie which is a shame. Anyone who saw the classic 1991 version knows the movie was really about Bodhi and Johnny Utah’s bromance, not their extreme extracurricular actives. Don’t get me wrong, the trailer looks exciting as hell, I just think that this remake is going to end up being like XXX without Vin Diesel, or really any Vin Diesel movie without Vin Diesel for that matter. Let’s hope i’m wrong because the original Point Break was awesome and I’d love to see Hollywood’s trend of ruining remakes end. Of course no one’s probably going to see this anyway, it’s opening up a week after Star Wars 7. Not smart.

Give the trailer a watch and let us know what you guys think!!!

Point Break opens December 25th

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