Ryan Thomason

Watch the First 8 Minutes of True Blood

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Yup, the start of the season is almost here, and now you can catch the first 8 minutes at least, with weird Orc things throwing magic grenades at Sookie (Anna Paquin), yeah, this isn’t Twilight for sure. I can’t attest for the quality in this video, but it’s what you get when you see something before it airs. Whats up with the fairy creature things and faces getting ripped off? Why the hell have I been missing this show? Oh yeah, I don’t have HBO….and keep forgetting to pick up the DVD releases.

Anna Paquin is an actress that I’ve always like to watch, and from all the news/buzz/everything people say, I’ve been really missing out. Judging from watching these 8 minutes, they’re all right, I need to get my ass into gear. Any True Blood fans out there that want to help fill me in on this series?

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