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Watch Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 1

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I was the one championing this series and I totally forgot that this aired yesterday!

In this episode, we are introduced to four of the characters on the roster. We get to see Sonya Blade spying on Kano, which is followed by Stryker and Jax mounting a rescue mission for the captured and still hot Geri Ryan (sue me, I like MILFs).

There is already a ton of action in this first episode, but most of it is still grounded in reality. I can’t wait for the more absurd things to begin happening like freeze powers, eyeball lasers, and serial killing harlequin babies. I don’t think this episode was anything to rant and rave about, but it’s a good slow start to a series that I hope does well.

Already, this more ‘realistic’ Mortal Kombat is off to a successful start. For the one day that it’s been on the Internet, the video has garnered almost 1.3 million views…which would be successful on a cable network’s ratings. What do you all think, are we seeing the beginning of how all TV shows will come about?

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