Brian West

Watch Godzilla terrify the world in his latest trailer

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Holy crap, we’re gonna need a way bigger Jager……
Warner Bros and Legendary Picture’s reboot of the Japanese classic is getting closer to it’s arrival this May, which means we are going to start getting a much better look at this summer’s biggest monster, Godzilla. The first trailer mostly just teased the rampage of this radioactive lizard, this new one….well just watch for yourself. The jury is still out at the WPR office on whether or not this monster movie will be any good, with most the staff putting their excitement level somewhere between 0 and the Matthew Broderick’s 1998 flop. I appear to be the lone optimist with my belief that this new Godzilla will be awesome, and he will once again reign supreme as king of the monsters. Check out the new trailer and let us know what you think. Will I be proven correct with my Godzilla prediction, or will the rest of the WPR staff be right and realize that maybe I really shouldn’t be giving out any more opinions? Sound off below!!

Godzilla starts his rampage May 16th

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