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Warhammer 40,000 Announced for E3

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Translated, his sword reads: "E3 or BUST!"

I love my wife dearly, but she’d better get ready to file the divorce papers right now, cause I will officially have no life when this game comes out. All of us Games Workshop nerds who used to play this game on tabletop terrain tables in the back corners of smelly comic shops will finally have our vindication as they demo the MMO version of Warhammer 40,000 this year at E3!

Vigil and THQ are finally following up to the concept art they released a few months back, but right now only investors who are interested in the project get an early look. With any luck we’ll get some gameplay footage and other assorted goodies this June. They’re slating that the game, if handled properly, will be able to have a life-cycle of up to seven years, which is longer than many other MMOs that have come before them.

Brian Farrell, THQ’s CEO, stated during the conference call that:

“The highest ranking revenue opportunity for us clearly is the Warhammer 40k MMO, I encourage you to come by and see what we are seeing at E3 with that when we fully unveil it, but we think we are going to have a very competitive MMO and as you know, one of the big wins there is when you are successful with those properties, you have a long life on both revenues and cash flow, that’s not just one year or two years it can go, five, six, seven years.”

I believe that THQ is still shooting for a late 2011 or early 2012 release for this game. We will probably get our hands on Warhammer: Space Marine before the MMO is released…which is fine with me. Let’s get the FPS out of the way first!

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