Alan Smithee

Warface – Trailer

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You will just have to deal with it, sometimes there are awesome games that come out over in the non-English speaking parts of the world (*cough* Asia *cough*) that you’ll probably never get a chance to play. This one just happens to be a free to play Call of Duty-esque FPS being build with Crytek’s help.

Ok, so they’re not the lead developer for the game, but Tencent Games (Korea) is, and since they just barely secured the rights to distribute the game across the PRC, we’re looking at one hell of a potential blockbuster. I dig the fact that it’s free with microtransactions. People may bitch about having to buy each gun in the game, but in the long run…would probably be cheaper than paying $60 for ones you’d never use. Eh, it’s just me I guess.

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