Warehouse 13 – Review

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Warehouse 13. Heard of it? I hope so.
First season started back in, let me think 2009. the third season basically started in the states at the moment. They just aired the fourth episode.
Warehouse 13 has been described as a cross between The X-files, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Moonlighting. Having watch all them I would have to agree with most of it.

If you like funny, Scifi, and strange objects doing strange things then this is the show thats for you, IF you can make it past the pilot. Now thats a massive IF there. I’ll come back to this.


Your all wondering what on earth is Warehouse 13. Basically it’s these two agents that go looking for supernatural artifacts. These artifacts can do anything you can dream of, I don’t want to spoil the surprise but there are some real whopping ones out there. Warehouse 13 is the storage place, by the name your probably guessing there has been more then one warehouse. That is correct they are up to the 13th warehouse. God knows whats at all the other 12.

There are also two oldies in it that some might know. Like René Auberjonois aka Odo from Deep Space Nine, and Lindsay Wagner as the Bionic Woman.

So Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly), Peter Lattimer (Eddie McClintock) are the two new agents of the warehouse they are both part of the United States Secret Service (as is most warehouse agents). The first season is good but really slow, i’m not trying to put you off from watching it but it is worth it as the second and third season get into the “I can’t stop watching” stage. Myka and Pete go out to different places around the US and “Snag, Bag and Tag” these artifacts. There some that are really boring then there are some that are like really?!

I shall list a few these one are throughout all three seasons:


A Dodgeball: This dodgeball was used for military training, once bounced this ball will strike people when they aren’t looking and multiplies. It was brought to the warehouse after it killed five Air Force Cadets. Only way to stop it was well to catch it before you getting beaten to death.

For the comic book fans out there. Jacob Kurtzberg’s belt: This belt provides the user with superpowers, but if used too long you will suffer……..by death. After all “With great power, comes great responsibility”

Mahatma Gandhi’s Sandals: Calms the wearer down so much that their heart stops beating. Thats one hell of a calming effect!

I could be here for days listing all the artifacts but the truth is you should watch the show.

BUT if you aren’t a huge fan of slow tv shows the pilot isn’t for you. it goes for about a hour an a half or more. It’ll put you to sleep but after that it gets better trust me.

There are good jokes throughout all the seasons. There will be episodes that will tug on those little heart strings of ours.

I say WATCH it, it’s worth it.

So go out and buy season one on DVD and watch it.

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