War Horse – Review

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So I had a major weekend, I traveled 600kms (372 miles) through rain, hail and shine to see one of my favorite bands Opeth. Then the next day I was able to see War Horse advance screening. I think this has been a great weekend!

War Horse is a movie by none offer then Steven Spielberg who I admire with a lot of respect. Now, if you’re any major fan of his work you would know that his last great war movie was…..Saving Private Ryan. Which within itself is a masterpiece. War Horse is no exception to this fact he has gone back to his roots for this movie. War Horse is about funny enough, a horse going through the war. You see him change owners a few times, going from the British to the Germans and back again. If you love animals then this movie will appeal to you, if you love war movies then this movie will appeal to you.

I went in knowing that it would have it’s sad moments and maybe a few people will cry. I was wrong. It had me on the edge of my seat for every scene of this movie. At the end the movie was silent, no one said anything most people were still wiping there tears off of their faces.  It may be just over 2 hours long but my god it’s truly wonderful. Every scene has detail like you wouldn’t expect. Now War Horse is based of a children’s book and I can’t say I have read it but what I will say was this movie is far from something you can watch with your children. There are scenes that work so well in this movie, not giving anything away but it will send chills down your spine. There will be a few funny moments and a few moments where you will grin. Mostly I believe Steven wanted to make a point with this movie, the point humans choose to go to war, animals don’t.

Now War Horse isn’t due out till the 25th of Dec in the states (I live in Australia), I suggest, no I’m telling you to go see it. Just be warned you will have emotions and if anyone says otherwise well, they are lying. Now I will honestly say this is going straight into my DVD collection when it comes out and I will be seeing it again.

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