Sarah Eitelberg

Waq Waq Volumes 1-4: A Remarkable and Exciting Sci-fi Story

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In Waq Waq, a girl finds herself on a strange alien world with the powers of a God!


Waq Waq Complete Series Vols. 1-4
Written and illustrated by Ryu Fujisa
Published: Shueisha
Published in Engilsh: Viz Media
Volumes: 4

Pick up Waqwaq, Vol. 1 and see for yourself!

Waq Waq is a desolate alien world were machines have been at war against human like creatures with black blood for millennia. Aided by the Guardians, men who can merge with creatures called Gojin-zou and gain supernatural powers, the poor people of the Waq Waq villages may defend themselves from the onslaught of machines.

The people of Waq Waq have an ancient legend of a the a mythical people with red blood that hold the power of a god and the ability to grant a powerful wish. Matsuda, a young school girl suddenly finds herself transported to this world and being tracked down by Guardians for her to grant their wish. To fulfill his father’s dying wish a young boy, Shio, sets off to protect Matsuda as she tries to find a way home. Shiro who inherits the Gojin-zou and the title of Guardian from his father, fights off his perusing fellow Guardians, and learns the truth about his world’s oldest legend.

This manga is an action packed adventure from start to finish, with out that nagging feeling this short series was “missing something.” Original ideas and story give this classic theme of  “girl from another world” an interesting twist.  Mr. Fujisa’s art style with the characters is pretty typical shōnen, but really shines in  his machines and Gojin-zou. They have a great balance of animistic or elemental traits while still maintaining a more mechanical form. The fight choreography was especially smooth and easy to follow while still inciting you to take in every inch of every panel. A good series to pick up to satisfy your manga need but not one you need to prepare to dedicate 3 years of your life too.

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