Want to play the World Cup in FIFA 10? WELL TOUGH SHIT MAN

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Last Christmas, my Brother, being the awesome guy he is, bought me FIFA 10. It’s a great game by any means and there’s tonnes to do in it but imagine my disappointment when I found out you couldn’t play any international tournaments in the game. That meant no World Cup, no Euro Cup and perhaps most tragic of all, no Africa Cup of Nations! Considering my ex, PES, had all of these and a qualification mode for their World Cup, it was pretty shameful on EA’s part.

Fortunately for me and about 3 other readers, EA wants to address this issue by raping our wallets with a new World Cup game! That’s right, apparently in 2010, EA doesn’t understand the concept of DLC for a sports game, so instead decides to make a brand new game instead of adding a full World Cup mode to the already existing FIFA 10. This kind of behaviour was hardly acceptable when DLC was little more than a concept, so to do it now is even worse. Still, it’s not like the public, especially the British public will be effected. They will definitely eat up this game like lovely little consumers when it presumably releases near the time when the World Cup starts. Well hey, it makes sense from a business perspective right?

Source: CVG (via EA Sports Twitter)

P.S Interestingly, the original source of this news, the EA Sports Twitter, has taken down the tweet from which the news came from. Too soon of an announcement?

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