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Want a iPad? Get one that was Refurbished.

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Alright all you cheap bastards (which includes myself) I just found out that Apple has actually been selling refurbished versions of the iPad, and you can actually save a nice bundle of money on one. It was just two months ago that refurbished iPads first hit the Apple Store, bringing a $50 savings to all three Wi-Fi models. Since then, Apple has added the 3G iPads to the refurb catalog as well, again at a $50 discount.

If those price reductions weren’t significant enough for you, how about this: Apple just lowered refurbished iPad prices even further.

Right now, and for a “special limited time” (Apple isn’t saying how long, but my guess is until stock runs out), you can get a refurbished 16GB iPad for $429, a 32GB iPad for $499, and a 64GB iPad for $599. All three are the Wi-Fi-only versions; the 3G models are still priced just $50 below new.

These are literally as good as new. They come with a new battery, a new outer shell, a new white box, and a full one-year warranty. You also get all the same accessories (USB cable, power adapter), and even the same free shipping.

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