Walmart offering a trade-in deal for the 3DS

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At select Walmart locations across the country, you can trade in your old DS for a $100 credit towards the purchase of a new 3DS. Is the offer available in your state? The offer is only being honored in these following states: Alabama, Kentucky, Florida, Georgia, Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina, Missouri, North Carolina, and Oklahoma. You can even reportedly trade-in two old DS consoles if you happen to have two, and get $200 towards your new 3DS. Apparently Walmart isn’t going to accept any more than 2 DS consoles per person though.

So what do you think about this? You have time to think about it. The 3DS is launching on Sunday and you’ll have from then until April 30th to figure out whether or not that sounds like a good deal. The deal isn’t valid for online orders, so get over your fear of Walmart if this deal sounds good to you. You may come back smelling of McDonald’s and shame, but at least you’ll have saved $100-$200 on your shiny new 3DS!

SOURCE: Joystiq

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