The Walking Dead Season 4 – New Trailer

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The Walking Dead

“Things are only going to get worse”

Did you know that The Walking Dead is the most watched drama in basic cable history? Whoa, those are some big numbers! I’m not too shocked though, as I have talked with a lot of people about the show since it started 3 seasons ago including some of my own family members who don’t even like zombies. That right there says A LOT.

In season 4 it looks like the undead are a bit more collective than they used to be. The sudden onslaught of these walkers at the prison puts near everyone into a frenzy to protect themselves and the livelihood of the group. Rick and the others are put face to face with the decisions they’ve made and are pushed to their limits when it comes to dealing with them. How can they start anew and is that life best lived behind the walls of a prison or is it again time to move on? Boy does it look like a bumpy ride…

So here it is, the newest trailer for the upcoming 4th season of The Walking Dead which returns to AMC on October 13th at 9pm.

Don’t forget to come back as I will have the latest on sneak peeks before this season starts and will be following the infection each week for every gory episode!

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