The Walking Dead – Season 4 Episode 8 ‘Too Far Gone’ Recap and Discuss

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Too Far Gone - The Walking Dead

“There’s nothing between us and the rest of the world…nothing between us and them.”

Spoilers AHOY!

Well the world has definitely come to an end; there are walkers everywhere and it takes little to stop them. Unfortunately, they seem to be the least of our problems.

We’ve hit the mid season break of season 4 of The Walking Dead and boy did it go out with a bang…bang, bang, bang! Episode 8 ‘Too Far Gone’ starts out tense and keeps on building. We see the return of the governor (wah wah wah) and his latest attempt to take over the world. What better way to get others to oblige then to kidnap two core members of the prisons group. Michonne and Hershel fall into the hands of the governor, who plans to use them as leverage to get Rick to hand over the prison peacefully. But who are we kidding, when has the governor ever done anything peacefully? Hershel works to convince the governor that they can all coexist on the grounds of the prison, to which he easily disagrees. Michonne makes one promise to the governor.

“I will kill you”

With his sight set on the prison, the governor relocates his caravan of followers to a quaint spot by the river. Telling them to sit tight while he and others secure their new home. Knock, Knock. Who’s there? BOOM! If you ever wanted to make an entrance look no further. The governor found a tank and decided to bring it to the housewarming party at the prison. How thoughtful. We all know the governors penchant for all things evil, so I for one wasn’t blown away when his ‘Brian’ persona was overpowered by his need to muck stuff up. It was coming. Only a matter of time really. Let’s take the governor, a lot of guns (plus tank), and a bunch of willing participants. Let’s place them on the outskirts of the prison and convince them that making threats to harm the prison group is the only way they will overtake the prison. Oh Rick, you tried so hard. Why couldn’t your sweet, small town charm persuade the governor to put aside his ways and live happily ever after with you? What was it you said that made him cut Hershel’s head off? Yep, that happened.

With a slice of the neck comes an all out war and everyone including the kids are involved. Except ‘Brian’s’ girlfriends kid of course. That mud zombie must have been waiting an awful long time for someone to come play in that mud with it. I wonder who is regretting following the governors lead now? Almost everyone he brought to the prison is taken out. Members of the group at the prison, extras we have no connection with, are taken out. It is an all out gun fight and yes, the tank is used to take some buildings down too.

The governor is finally killed by none other then Michonne. More so critically wounded. Brian’s EX-girlfriend is the one to actually put him down. The surviving prison group members have fled; like cockroaches when the kitchen light comes on. What was once one group now looks to be at least four if not more.

“We’re not too far gone”

What do I think?

I know its a moot point being that the governor is now dead, but how was he able to convince so many people to follow him? So many people died under his leadership if not by his own hand. I have been waiting a long time for his day of reckoning.

What made the spot by the river any more safer than the other places they had been camped out. I get that the walkers couldn’t make it across the river but they are still capable of making their way through the woods or down the road on the back side of the campsite. I was happy to see something emerge from the ground instead though. I didn’t foresee the attack happening that way, however, I knew something was coming.

This episode reminded me of one of the ground rules for an apocalypse (or a house fire) and that is to know your exits. Ricks group at the prison had a game plan for when everything fell apart but I think it could have been more thought out or better planned. Couldn’t the bus just head down the road a ways to a ‘meetup’ spot to pick up any stragglers?

 Just confirmed today, The Walking Dead Season 4 will return Sunday February 9th on AMC!

What did you think about this episode of The Walking Dead? Where do you think it’s headed (or should be) and why? Comment below!

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