The Walking Dead – Season 4 Episode 5 ‘Internment’ Recap and Discuss

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The Walking Dead - Internment

“I hereby declare we have Spaghetti Tuesdays every Wednesday. First we have to find some spaghetti.”

Spoilers AHOY!

What would it feel like to be a prisoner in your own home; to be locked down with little means of escape? Would you feel any more at peace if that home was a prison? You should be safe behind bars, right?

The Walking Dead is back with ‘Internment’ the fifth episode of season four and these walkers are getting a little too close for comfort. With most of the healthier members of the group out collecting supplies, the sick are left to get a bit more hands on with each other. Hershel calls for assistance from Glen and Sasha, who are also pretty down in the dumps. Rick returns to the prison after excommunicating Carol. It doesn’t seem like much of a big deal to anyone he tells, including Maggie; who doesn’t know if she could have followed through with cutting Carol off but agrees with Rick nonetheless. We witness a small calm before the storm as Rick checks in on everyone’s status and delivers the small cache of fruit leathers to Carl, Beth, and Judith who are still segregated from the ill.

Remember that security we mentioned earlier, the one about being behind bars? Well, life just got a little harder in the quarantined cell block and it isn’t long before people start dropping like flies. Cue sudden walker onslaught! Those well enough to fight back give it their all as, one by one, the sick are attacked by the sicker. Hershel is forced to become more of a crypt keeper then the ornery veterinarian we have all come to know. This is a real bloodbath! Probably the most tense part of this whole prison riot, we almost loose Glen and Sasha. It isn’t anything a saline drip from our late doctor and a re-purposed breathing tube can’t handle though.

It certainly isn’t a party without the crowd! After quarantine is nearly wiped off the planet with infected there isn’t much of a lull before the walkers that have been selectively destroying the outer fence of the prison decide to join in on the fun. It just so happens that Rick and Carl are there to save the day. We’ve heard of father/son sack races but what about a some friendly fire with a couple of AR-15’s? If anyone knows of a better way to bond with a child then an all out shoot out with a hundred or so walkers, do share.

When all is said and done, Team Med returns with the antibiotics needed to nurse the leftovers back to health, Hershel returns to his place as doctor (but is deeply affected by all that has transpired), and oh…look who’s spying on the prison…

“Life is always a test.”

What do I think?

Why the heck hasn’t quarantine been on lock down the entire time? We all know that the dead come back!!! Shut your doors people. If I had any chance of outliving the virus that has sickened half the group, I’d certainly make sure that I wouldn’t be eaten for breakfast by someone who hadn’t.

When is Lizzie going to realize that walkers are not your friends? ‘Henry’ nearly took her out. I get that she saved Glen from being attacked by ‘Henry’ but what was her plan after that? This walker was more than double her size. Was she going to push him into a cell and shut the door? I highly doubt it.

Eeeeewwww! I think I almost puked when Hershel removed the breathing tube from ‘Henry’s’ dead esophagus, rinsed it off a little in rubbing alcohol, and let Glen borrow it. Barf!!! I guess when you have limited resources and Glen’s dying, you make stuff happen. Go Hershel! What would you have done it that situation?

Governor, wherefore art thou Governor? Oh, there you are, behind some trees on the outskirts of the prison. Frankly, I’m tired of the governor. He bores me. Can someone just kill him already. He has one eye for Christ sake! His peripheral vision on one side is lacking. Just sneak up from his bad side and surprise him. Seriously.

“A sad soul can kill quicker than a germ.”

 What did you think about this episode of The Walking Dead? Where do you think it’s headed (or should be) and why? Comment below!

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