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Walking Dead Season 2, Kirkman Spills Some Beans

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Walking Dead Creator/Writer Robert Kirkman spills more info about Hershel’s Farm and Season 2 in general.

The Live Feed did an interview with Kirkman about Comic Con 2011, and they did get Kirkman to talk about his hit AMC show. Here is what he said about Walking Dead.

Kirkman: They’re heading to the farm, it’s going to be awesome. The first season was all about being in the city, and dealing with zombies in the streets. The second season is about zombies in the woods and what’s behind that next tree. It’s a much more rural setting. It’s all the same characters, and they’re going to be dealing with a lot of plots from the first season, but the setting is going to be almost completely different. I didn’t realize how cool it would be until I was on set, running through the woods doing location scouting a couple weeks ago. Atlanta was almost a character in the first season, and I think it will be that way with Georgia in general in this upcoming season. We’re going introduce some new characters. We’re going to be seeing Otis, Herschel and Maggie, all characters from the comic book series. And possibly some more surprises before the end of the season. It should be pretty exciting.

Now I know some people were hoping that we’d get to see them go to the prison this season, but I think the farm is just as cool. Too bad we have to keep waiting until the end of damn October to see the new season.

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