Ryan Thomason

Walking Dead Mini-News

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Not too much, but for one thing that got my excited enough to make a whole silly post out of it.

We all know now about the second half of the season being split off and now aired in February after the initial October burn-off of the first six episodes. Bla bla bla, the new showrunner Glen Mazzara said that:

“[I’m] very proud of the season. Whether we have zombie gags, action, emotional payoff where we’re pushing characters…we don’t have a bad episode in the can…It’s not a bleak world, it’s an intense world. We want you coming back because of the characters struggling against the odds. If you don’t have humor or heart it becomes a big gorefest.”

Bla bla bla. The reason for this news post.

The 90 minute season premier is being talked of the goriest episode in the shows history. Now, Watching that horse being eaten alive in the first season, and some of the weird shit we got in that first episode of the series not as a rated R movie on the movie channels blew me away. I can’t wait to see what was the limits that Frank Darabont pushed to have something being billed as such a gorefest on cable.

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