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The Walking Dead, Live Bait – Review

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Hey look! It’s the Governer! HELL YES TIME TO FINALLY SEE THE PRISON GET CRUSHED! Oh wait, this is just a story about what happened to him after he murdered a bunch of his own people? Oh, cool. I guess.

Live Bait is definitely one of the more boring episodes we’ve seen so far. That includes the vast majority that was The Farm episodes of season 2. I’m not sure why the writers are trying to humanize the Villain of the show. We don’t need to connect with him on an emotional level.

“He lost it”


“The guy in charge”

live bait

I didn’t like the colors anyways! Boooo hoooooo, woe is me.

They could have just had that conversation between the Governor and the woman, then called it good on “Let’s get to know The Governor!”. We get it, they want to show that someone can swing from the high to the low of their mental capacity and what they are willing to do to survive. Rick had imaginary phone conversations with his dead wife last season to show that character development. This is the governors time to take in a group of girls, love them, care for them, and teach them how to kill biters. We’re supposed to feel for him because of all the horrible things he did last season, we’re supposed to just say “Ok, you are forgiven for murdering all those people in a field, Killing Andrea, torturing Glenn, and keeping heads in fish tanks in your room.

All I want to see, is The Governor crushing the prison, getting 99% there to almost payback, and then getting eaten by zombies. I don’t get a crap about anything else about him. He is the bad guy, let him be bad, don’t make my try to connect with him. Let him be the guy we all hate and relish in his demise. Live Bait is a low point for the season, I don’t know how much longer this slippery slope is going to last.

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