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Walking Dead Episode Two of Bullshit – Review, “Dead Weight”

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The Governor, he was the villain, now he’s the homemaker. I can’t understand how the people behind AMC’s The Walking Dead have decided to remove the fangs from one of the most deliciously evil bad guys and turn him into some sort of reluctant hero…with abandonment issues.

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This week’s episode follows up from the end of last week when the Gub and his little friend are approached by his former left-hand man (Merle was his right hand…errr, gauntlet man) who now runs his own little community joined in by TV and Cable veteran Kirk Acevedo. Early on we’re shown his tank, yes, the Governor now has a tank at his disposal. One guess as to what that’s going to be used for soon. Ok, so Gub joins a new camp where he plays a normal everyday Joe who goes on patrol to find goodies and the like for their nomad tribe of survivors, then stuff happens.

Stuff always happens on this show, sadly never really anything good.

I can tell when an episode is bad by how quickly I go to my phone to see if anyone has hit me up on Facebook or Google Hangouts and it was pretty quickly as the pacing for this week’s show was TERRIBLE, not to mention it was another entire episode devoted solely to us playing catch-up on the Governor, WHO THE FUCK CARES WHAT HE’S BEEN UP TO? I mean not to be too nerdragey, but he’s a villain, not one of the surviving Grimes group. It’d be nice to see what the fuck has been going on at the prison since the bleeding eye zombie virus attacked, but I guess we’ll have to wait until the goddamned mid-season finale to see.

I don’t need to know what the Joker has been up to since he was last sent to Arkham, and neither does Batman. All we need as an audience is for him to show up with a group of people (you know like his first attack) to siege the prison. I don’t need to know that he learned to love again and that he found a surrogate daughter. I also don’t give two shits about all of the people he’s been killing, he’s the fucking Governor, he kills bitches. IT’S THAT SIMPLE.

I’m constantly reminded every week how vacuous the writing for this show has become, to the point where it’s all pro-wrestling with each move telegraphed beforehand and with heavy heavy smacks to the head saying “pay attention to THIS” when it comes to important plot devices and character developments.

Overall, I was very disappointed by this week’s episode if not for the reasons listed above, but for the very lazy zombie work. The zombies are top notch and seeing a scene with many of them lodged in the quagmire of a muddy road was excellent, I’d like to know how in the cabin two zombies were able to ‘pop’ in to a room and surprise everyone there…but the most unforgivable sin was the little girl in peril device where not only did she act like a ‘tard but so did everyone else in the camp since the Gub was the first one on the scene to help (except her aunt who felt it necessary to take her gun off to play tag). She screamed for like 3 minutes and seriously nobody shows up? Where are the rest of the campers?

Well, thankfully one more episode of the season until a healthy amount of time passes, and after which I’ll be deciding on whether I continue watching. I’m starting to genuinely loathe this show.

Additional Commentary from Ryan Thomason

“Just don’t even watch”

“You’ll be better off”

Oh, If only I had followed through with that advice that Xopher here gave me while I waited for my 10:30pm watching of Dead Weight on AMC. Oh, the irony in what I think of the episode title.

After reading his thoughts, I had to pile on with some of my own for Dead Weight. These last two episodes have been some of the worse attempts at filler since The Farm in season two. Essentially, this is just the people in the dark room of production for the show trying to take advantage of having a single location to film at. The prison was probably an investment in resources for the show. So, how do you best make up for the cost? You stay there until some guy in financing says that the cost was justified. I think that is what this whole season boils down to. If you’ve read the comics, you know how the prison will likely end, showing the tank was just that. With the mid-season approaching and I’m sure the cost of having a tank on set riding sky high. I’m sure we won’t even have a resolution of what should have been the end of last season. I fully expect the prison battle to extend past the mid-season break. Just because the writers are a bit like Lost, there has to be a cliffhanger/question at the end of every episode.

Much like Xopher, and while I love this show, I’m at my teetering point of giving a crap about following The Walking Dead anymore.

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