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The Walking Dead #125, An All Out War is about to close

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I can not stress enough to everyone I know how good this series is.  I have been reading it since day one. Over ten years ago. It still gets me excited when a new issue is about to drop.  Robert Kirkman has had me thinking of zombies for over ten years!  And, honestly, I’m happy about that because the only other consistent title I like as much as this one is also a Kirkman title.  Even if it is consistently late, (Invincible).  While the artist has changed over the years, Kirkman has been good with keeping one in the seat that can properly express the emotions that accompany drama, action, and romance.  Some might end that with, “even though it’s in black and white”.  I disagree though.  I think that this series being in black and white actually adds to the dread.  It adds to the uneasy moments, and the cold bleakness that is this world Kirkman has created.


The Walking Dead #125
All Out War 11 of 12
Writer: Robert Kirkman
Penciler: Charlie Adlard
Inks: Stefano Gaudiano
Gray Tones: Cliff Rathburn
Cover Colors:Dave Stewart
Publisher: Image Comics
Release date: April 9th, 2014

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With issue #125 being the second to last issue in the ‘All Out War’ mini-series of The Walking Dead, I’m so glad it’s almost over.  I know my favorite characters will not receive a moment of respite as I hope, but rather a new problem to deal with.  If they survive.  I just can’t stand the tension of waiting month-to-month to see if Negan will finally get his friggin head cut off.  The Saviors, as they fancy themselves, ( a bit pretentious??) are at a tipping point with the communities as this mini-series wraps up.  Having taking some big losses and drop in moral, as well as the apparent betrayal by Dwight, Negan thinks his Saviors have won.  According to Rick though, they’ve only just begun to fight.  No matter what happens Negan is on the losing side.  With the resolve these people have found in Rick Grimes’ arrival I think they will fight to the last man, and I just don’t see Kirkman going anywhere with the story at hand to suggest otherwise.  Negan is going to die.  Negan has to die.  An before he does, the Community and Rick Grimes are going to make him pay!

On the other hand, I’ll miss Negan.  I know,I know.  He’s one of the most horrible guys imaginable.  But, that’s why I like him.  That’s why, as much as I want to see him get his just desserts, I hate to lose the character.  He’s Rick’s antithesis.  Reveling in chaos and forced subjugation, Negan and his bat ‘Lucille’ have become like Darth Vader and his ‘force choke’, terrorizing anyone within reach.  And who doesn’t like a villain that truly enjoys pontificating with no shame.  One that smiles about how he burned your face with an iron, and takes your wife as his own.  Villains like Negan give heroes a reason to exist!  He’s twice the bad guy the Governor was, that’s for sure!

While the survivors figure out who’s infected, and regroup.  Spreading the precious little ammo they’ve made, among themselves.  One can only hope we don’t have another “Glenn incident”, and lose another immensely popular cast character.  Will Carl make a new friend or do something stupid again? (He’s good at that)  Is Michonne almost happy?  Is the Jesus the next Rick Grimes?  Will The Saviors surrender and convert to peace, under the watchful eye of Rick and company?  Will Dwight be the new leader of The Saviors?  Will we actually see peace, and the survivors create a barter system that reestablishes trade routes?  Will Rick spontaneously regrow another hand like Dr. Curt Connors, or Savage Dragon?  We’ll just have to wait one more month to see.
Bring On The Bad Guys!!

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