Ryan Thomason

Wait, They Were up to 8 other Hellraiser Movies?

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Yeah, this is a trailer for the 9th installment for the Hellrazer franchise. Woopie Doo? I’ve yet to see two through eight, since the first movie had me pooping my bad for a week. Or maybe it was because I was a young man and still pooped the bed. Wait. I never pooped the bed! I like…had…medical…damn.

Has Pinhead gotten more fat? This one is definitely looking on the chubs side, maybe hell just doesn’t have a good gym for him to work out in? Maybe there wasn’t enough room in the 300,000 budget for a personal trainer, or meals that weren’t a Big Mac. Hellraiser: Revelations is a straight to DVD movie that will be available September 2nd.


Pinhead is back and in his chamber of soulless delights, he thought he had two willing participants in Steven and Nico. But Nico wants out and decides that a member of Steven’s family will serve as proper barter.

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