Wait, Something Interesting Happened In My Town?

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I don’t feel any guilt in saying that my town is a big piece of shit. We’re overshadowed by the likes of Liverpool and Manchester, we’ve got nothing to offer and we’re just overall mediocre. So nothing interesting ever happens here and I’ll be glad to see the back of it when I eventually leave. However it seems that not everyone is here is a boring fuck, as I found out this weekend when reading a front page special from my Brother (reporter for my local paper) on golliwogs being sold in my local post office of all places. If only I’d known that local controversy was a minute’s walk away.

To sum it up, my local post office ordered 15 golliwog dolls before Christmas and at the time of writing, only one was left in stock. Now of course golliwog dolls have been out of the fold of children’s toys for years, mostly because they’re seen as racist in today’s PC crazy world. Now on the other hand, they’re simply children’s toys. My parents both agreed with many of the people’s views in the last part of the article in that they were never seen as depicting black people when my parents and many others played with them when they were kids.

Of course I can’t give a personal opinion since I wasn’t around when these toys were popular, but the way I see it, it’s just another overreaction in a world where political correctness has gone mad. The toys? Fine. Using the name of the toy to insult black people? Not cool. Either way it was something interesting in my town for once so there’s one positive.


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