Jill Seale

VVVVVV Soundtrack Composer Releases PPPPPPowerup!

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Last year, Magnus Palsson (AKA Souleye) released my favorite chiptune album of all time: PPPPPP. PPPPPP is the soundtrack to another of my favorite things from last year, an amazing game called VVVVVV. Now, Souleye has released an arranged version of his soundtrack called PPPPPPowerup! I’ve heard the original soundtrack a million times, and there’s no way I could have seen this coming. PPPPPPowerup! contains concert piano style versions of Souleye’s chiptune masterpieces, as well as rock instrumentals and, strangely enough, a lounge style version of one of the songs complete with vocals!

This is definitely a case of not knowing you need something until someone comes up with it, and I definitely need this now. Besides, after PPPPPP I’ll support anything Souleye does.

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