Vote for the next Genesis (MEGA DRIVE!) game on XBLA

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Unrelated but awesome

While some of the selection of Genesis Mega Drive games on XBLA aren’t worth it (due to being on the collection) there are some that are, such as Gunstar Heroes. Now SEGA are letting you choose what game will be going on XBLA via this poll. This is part of SEGA’s celebration of the Genesis’s Mega Drive’s 20th anniversary. Personally I voted for Earthworm Jim but pretty much all of the offerings (Earthworm Jim, Wonderboy, Streets Of Rage, Shining Force, Toejam & Earl, Golden Axe 2 and Revenge Of Shinobi) are all good choices. The best part about the current Genesis Mega Drive XBLA releases is that they have all been 400MSP. Anyways, go vote! Do it! It’s powered by blast proccessing!

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