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Vote for FemShep, Round 2

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You might recall the guys from BioWare were running a contest on their Facebook page to figure out which version of the feminine Shepard we’d be getting when the game comes out next year, well it’s moved onto a second round of voting.

Last time around, the clear winner was the blonde character that we were all hoping would take home the prize. She did but there were numerous fanboys out there who kept claiming that character model x would look better with y hair…hence this round of voting.

We’ve got our X, now we just need the Y. My money is on the ginger hairstyle, it looks fab and all men and some lesbians love redheaded women. Keep in mind that this is just a game and she’s a character model, but don’t hesitate to click the link below and let BioWare know which you prefer by clicking on the ‘like’ button for one or all of the models.

FemShep Contest Round 2 on Facebook

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