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Viz Wants You to Catch Up With Japan

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Have you been lagging in picking up the latest tankobon of the manga giant Bleach? Well get your favorite web enabled device and your wallets ready as Viz plans on bringing you up to date with THREE volumes of the Tite Kubo series that will be released this month.

The release is all about Viz Media trying to catch many of their titles up the current issues/chapters that are out in Japan as they’re on the precipice of releasing the first issue of Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha this January. Yes, you heard that correctly, a WEEKLY SHONEN series in America. Our prayers have been answered, praise Crom.

The initiative that Viz Media is currently doing for select series that are going to most likely be in the weekly series is called Shonen Jump Digital Warp, meaning that you’ll be able to pick up many of your favorite series en masse until the release date of January 30, 2012. I find it amazing that a dream that I had as a kid of being able to read manga at a near-simultaneous release time as Japan, is about to come true.

The following volumes are out this month through the Viz Manga app (print versions will be out a little later):

  • BLEACH, Vol. 49 – available now!
  • BLEACH, Vol. 50 – available November 21st
  • BLEACH, Vol. 51 – available November 28th
  • If you haven’t already signed up with these guys, do so. Paying $5 for excellent manga through your favorite iDevice or web browser is so completely worth it.

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