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Viz Media to Release Monster: The Perfect Edition Vol. 1

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Viz Media brings back to print another fantastic manga. An acclaimed psychological manga thriller delivers an intense crime drama filled with conspiracy, political intrigue and murder. In Naoki Urasawa’s Monster, Johan is a cold and calculating killer with a mysterious past, and brilliant Dr. Tenma is the only one who can stop him!

Monster The Perfect Edition cover via VIZ Media

Monster The Perfect Edition cover via VIZ Media

Dr. Kenzo Tenma is a young prominent brain surgeon with just about everything he could ever want: a fantastic job, the love and adoration of his boss, an engagement to his boss’s very beautiful daughter, and over all just perfect life. Until one day a terrible massacre brings two fraternal twins into his life. After making a tough decision between one of the young twins and the mayor, he saves the young boy’s life but at the cost of his social standing. Dr. Tenma is distraught but feels satisfied with his decision, until the killings start to happening. Johan, the young twin, has become a cold and mysterious killer. Now the surgeon must hunt down the monster he saved as atonement, for thou shalt do no harm.

Naoki Urasawa’s thrilling manga has been captivating readers for years, even spawning an anime series and live action TV show and movies. Viz Media is releasing a perfect edition of this psychological crime thriller that will include a new translation, re-mastered pages and a generous amount of full-color content! Future volumes will be released four times a year for the full nine volumes of Monster, with the first volume to be released July 15th. A perfect chance to reminisce with a beloved series or check out this series for the first time!

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