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Viz Gains License for Sailor Moon

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This has definitely been the year of the Moon, with Sailor Moon announcements coming left and right it’s got my seifuku all a flutter.


Viz officially announced that they have gained the license for Sailor Moon! Now what does that mean for us Moonies, you ask? Many things, many glorious glorious things. All 200 episodes, 3 films and specials unedited with subtitles and a new dub on both DVD and DVD/Blue Ray combos! That means the last season, Sailor Moon Stars, which if you watched the anime via Cartoon Network’s Toonami (way before decent internet streaming) you missed out on, is within your grasp. Plus, who doesn’t love owning a beloved series? Ready to watch whenever the mood suites you in a, hopefully, delightful collectors box set? What’s really exciting is that everything will be unedited. Sailor Moon the way it was intended to be seen, with near nudity, mild violence, lesbians and cross dressers. Hot damn!

Viz also released word that starting May 19th (that’s today!), they will be showing the first season of Sailor Moon on Hulu and the Viz website! So while we wait for these DVD’s to come out we can watch our favorite pretty soldiers battle it out on a source that doesn’t have porn adds all over. Now what about the newest season you ask. Well don’t you worry your pretty little tiara. Seems that Viz will be streaming Sailor Moon Crystal! This is amazing news as before it was rumored it would only be a ( a Japanese website you would have to pay for ) exclusive. If you aren’t excited about this then by the power of the moon, I will punish you.

Check out Viz’s official announcement here! 

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