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Viz Debuts a New Manga Series: Black Rose Alice!

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Viz brings a you another vampire themed manga to add to our secret love of the undead. Black Rose Alice is a story of Dimitri Lewandowski, a celebrated tenor in early 1900s and his death. Well mostly about his undeath, as he miraculously survives his accident with unusual side effects. Dimitri is determined to ignore the situation and continue with his life but as people around him start dying, he can’t keep his head in the sand any longer!

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From the Press Release:

“BLACK ROSE ALICE is a dark supernatural romance with a suspenseful storyline that puts its own unique twist on the vampire genre,” says Pancha Diaz, Editor. “After a prologue set in a beautifully rendered 1900s Vienna, the series flashes forward to modern Japan where Dimitri, who has become a fully developed vampire, appears in the dreams of a heartbroken woman to present a sinister proposal – he will save her fatally injured love, for a terrible price!”<

A dark supernatural romance story that claims to break away from the cookie cutter vampire genre, check out Black Rose Alice and see if they’ve broken the vampire mold! ! Available on line at or in print at a store near you.

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