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Vin Diesel Is Officially A Guardian Of The Galaxy

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I Am Groot….
Well it’s finally official, Vin Diesel is going to play Groot. Marvel confirmed the news today after Diesel posted a picture of himself with a very nicely detailed bust of Groot on his Facebook account. Groot will be the second completely CGI character in next years Guardians of the Galaxy, Bradley Cooper is set to voice the other one, Rocket Raccoon. Diesel’s involvement with Guardians has been Marvel’s worst kept secret. It’s been long speculated Vin was set to play Marvel’s most wooden character, rumors mostly fueled by Diesel himself. Since August he has dropped numerous hints that he would be playing Groot, mostly on his Facebook page. He posted a video of himself trying to do motion capturing on stilts saying it was for a role of a seven-and-a-half foot tree that only has one line. He also made a post featuring only that line, “I am Groot”. Marvel usually likes its talent to keep things a little closer to the vest, but I guess there are some perks to being Vin Diesel.
For those that don’t know, Groot is a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy that is also a tree who has the power to communicate with animals, to regenerate and grow, and only ever says “I am Groot”. Personally I think Diesel is a great choice for Groot and he should be ready for the challenge of maximum expression with minimum words. Vin has already shown he can do an excellent job voicing a large character with a limited vocabulary when he voiced the title character in the animated gem, The Iron Giant. I’m glad Marvel has finally confirmed Diesel though, it can’t hurt this movie’s chances to be a financial success by adding a little more early excitement and throwing a proven box office star into the mix. I know I’m starting to get real excited for the last picture in Marvel’s phase 2 to arrive. But what do you think, is adding Vin Diesel to the cast a good idea? Sound off and let’s us know. Also….I AM GROOT!!!

Guardians of the Galaxy travels from the universe to the big screens August 1st, 2014

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