Videogame Art – James Barnetts Fauxvism

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I love it when I stumble across really good videogame art and James Barnetts Fauxvism series is no exception.  Rather than using screenshots he found online as a reference, he played the games until he found a composition he liked, then he painted it.  I’m overjoyed that he included scenes from Fallout 3 and Half Life 2 which are two of my favorite games and I’m looking forward to seeing what he does next.  I’m sure fans of Half Life 2 will recognise the above image entitled Canal Barn with Figure, I’m glad he didn’t decide to the reveal the name of the figure in the title as it would spoil a great scene for anybody who’s never experienced the game, just looking at the picture has made me want to go and start playing Half Life 2 again.  I’ve included a couple more of his pictures after the jump.


Red Fort 2 Study – Team Fortress 2


Megaton – Fallout 3


The Republic of Dave – Fallout 3

Check out James’ site for the rest of his artwork, it’s all really good, Clive Thomson from Wired also did a really great interview with as well, you can check that out here.

Source Kotaku.

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