Robert Chesley

VIDEO: Would you eat $100 straight up?

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Jace, The Mind Sculptor is one of the most powerful cards printed in the last few years. This guy made a bet on Twitter, that if the next set wasn’t “Mirrodin Pure” that he would eat a Jace. Well, it turns out the next set really was “New Phyrexia” and so he made good on his bet.

My “hey now” reaction is. Well, Jace passes the blender test. Personally, I wouldn’t have made that bet. Although, I was firmly on board of the “Mirrodin Pure” side of the fence, I wasn’t surprised to see that it was “New Phyrexia”. The Phyrexians have been with Magic since the early days of the game, they weren’t going to just be eradicated in two sets. It was really the only logical choice that the set be “New Phyrexia”.

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