Video Teaser for new pre Cars 2 Toy Story short

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While their story has hopefully ended with Toy Story 3, Woody and the gang will be still making occasional appearances in some short films. The first of these being Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation.

The new short takes place after Toy Story 3 and with their new owner Bonnie going on vacation in Hawaii, the toys will be left on their own for the first time. However, Ken (again voiced by Batman Michael Keaton) wants to take Barbie to Hawaii by smuggling in Bonnie’s bag. It gets left behind and the toys have to create a Hawaiian vacation for the two. The bad news? The short will be running just before Cars 2 in June. Not that Cars was a terrible film, but it was Pixar’s second worst (Yeah, I am saying A Bug’s Life is their worst film, come at me.) No doubt it will make its way onto the Internet though. Disney being Disney, there’s no saying whether they won’t milk this cash cow one more time in another feature, but I’m perfectly fine with them doing some short films. And having more Michael Keaton. The next Toy Story short will run before the new Muppets film when that’s released.

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