Robert Chesley

VIDEO: Mr. Rodgers Defending PBS in 1969.

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In light of the danger we have of losing public broadcasting due to budget cuts, this video shows this fight over 40 years ago from one of the most influential and accoladed public broadcasting hosts.

I grew up watching a lot of PBS. In fact, I probably watched more PBS than any other channel until I was about tweleve or thirteen. I consider a lot of my early educational success to PBS and even today, I stand by their incredibly high standard for programming. I can’t tell you how many times in school we watched a piece from “Nova” or how many times my father and I would stay up and watch “The Red Green Show”. I remember getting home from school and watching “Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego”. I can’t believe that our government wants to effectively kill this brand of educational television when the state of affairs in our country’s educational system are in shambles in a lot of areas.

This is a great clip from one of the people who shaped me to who I am today. I believe society is more tolerant because of Mr. Rodgers. And I am glad to have his influence in my life.

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