Robert Chesley

VIDEO: Kids (or geek forum) reacts to Harry Potter trailer.

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Kids are what makes our species thrive and grow. They are probably the most important thing to our existance. So, what do kids think of the new “Harry Potter” trailer?

Personally, about half way through the clip I was trying to figure out if they were actual kid reactions or if they were reading from a plethora of geek forum threads about “Harry Potter”. My favorite reaction when one of the kids talks about the 5th book and how much larger it was than the 7th and it didn’t get two movies. Or the one about the kid saying he doesn’t want to read because he doesn’t want to be a geek.

Your reactions? My reactions is that it should have been a buddy comedy like “Thelma and Louise” with Lord Voldamort and Harry riding off the cliff just like they began. Together. But thems the breaks.

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