Video: GTA IV – Carmageddon

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Mod the car friction to -9 and watch the hilarity ensue.

I find some of the best parts of the GTA series are not the story and levels, but actually just the city doing its thing with a few random things added. How does a populace respond with a weapon wielding psycho running down the streets? What do they do if an attack chopper suddenly starts attacking civilians downtown? How long will they honk their horns and yell before attempting to pass on the shoulder when a semi truck parks in an intersection? I think they should just add a ton of settings like the one below into the actual GUI and let players screw around with the outcomes.

Here we have the situation of car friction being dropped to -9. So any momentum at all will send the vehicle flying off at high speeds spinning wildly. It becomes a giant game of dodgeball with automobiles. You can watch as he shoots or jump kicks a parked car to make it into a 1.5 ton missile careening wrecklessly down the highway.

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